greenapplefields asked:

You should thake a picture of tiny dinosaur smelling the tiny flowers, it would be adorable :3

Tiny Dinosaur is asleep right now but I am pretty sure he would be super excited to see this so I’m going to see if I can dig him out of the nest of blankets

I can see you’re in there your butt is sticking out, if you come out you can meet the tiniest flowers

okay so the flowers are tiny but the plant is still too tall for Tiny Dinosaur, there are some little boxes around here for you to stand on

they are even tiny to Tiny Dinosaur

when Tiny Dinosaur makes something look minuscule, you know it’s really tiny

irrelevancetheory asked:

That's what seemed familiar about your posts Lancashireishness.

Lancashireishness is probably the biggest part of what’ll show in text since that’s where I learned most of my vocabulary and sentence structure, there’s not a whole lot of Yorkshire in my words but I fit the accent much more comfortably - probably to do with living the first few years of my life here and picking up the sounds.

creatingcrazy asked:

where are you from? (sorry the whole smartie thing made me interested, I had no idea they were a different thing in America)

I’m in the UK,┬ámore specifically the Yorkshire-y part at the moment

I’m often confusing people with my slightly odd combination of vocabulary since I’ve lived around a few different dialects, but at least I’ve learned something about smarties and why they definitely don’t go in cookies in America!

the-extraneous-adventurer asked:

I am bad at phrasing things correctly. I didn't mean someone puts the fizzy, chalky ones in cookies. That would be terrible. Defs got smarties in the UK, just not in the US (says a Canadian in the UK on exchange). Sorry for the confusion!

It’s my wording that’s confusing I meant no wonder people thought it was strange I was putting them in cookies (but really I wasn’t)

This is all such a kerfuffle all I did was bake some questionably named cookies!

iamtheeyesinside asked:

Yeah, Smarties-in-the-UK are the same things as M&Ms in the US, it looks like. Smarties-in-the-US are little wafer things and according to Wikipedia they're kinda like Parma Violets or Fizzers but without the fizz. If that makes any sense.

the more I learn about these things the more I am pretty sure they should not be in cookies and why it was so confusing that I had claimed to put them in cookies

I’m going to confuse everybody some more in a minute I’m going to eat some rainbow drops